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Description, Specifications, and Dimensions

Clamp-on mounting style shown in photo; bolt-on mounting is also available.

PROCON's Series 3 pumps boast all the unique features of other PROCON pumps.  Because the pump body and all the internal parts are made from stainless steel, the Series 3 is well suited for pumping a variety of fluids not suitable with brass.  Your PROCON factory representative can advise you on the correct pump for the fluids you intend to use. 

Standard Specifications

Body stainless steel
Capacity 15-140 gph
Nominal Speed 1,725 rpm
Max. Discharge Pressure 250 psi
Rotation clockwise
Dry Weight Approx. 2.75 lbs.
Self-priming (water) 6 ft. max. lift

Dimensions of the Series 3
(clamp-on mounting with relief valve shown)

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Note: Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.