To change a membrane, turn off the water and open the pressure vessel housing at the inlet water end. After you remove the pins, take the cap off the housing. If the cap will not come off, turn the water on (without the pump). Bend the waste water tubing so that the water pressure forces the cap off from the inside.

         If you are changing your carbon at the same time as installation of a new membrane, be sure to flush your carbon thoroughly. Otherwise, the carbon fines will clog the membrane.

         For your incoming water, make sure you have a sediment filter and, if it has chlorine in it, make sure you have a good carbon pre-filter. (Chlorine will damage a TFC membrane.)

         Make sure your waste water is sufficient. Most manufacturers recommend that your waste to product water ratio be 5.5 to 1.

         Make sure your pump is working properly and producing sufficient pressure.

         Make sure the "O" ring on your membrane housing is in place.

         Make sure your incoming water is soft.

         Make sure you have a check valve on the product water port.

         Make sure you have a flow restrictor on your waste water port.

         This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely a list of the most common problems our customers have encountered.

         If you have already fouled your membrane, it may be possible to clean it. Please look at this web page.

         If you believe that the membrane was defective when you received it, you may apply for a refund from the manufacturer. Please send us an e-mail message and provide us with your FAX number. We will FAX a refund form to you.