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        MATRIKX filters are made by KX Industries, L.P. which is the world's leading producer of activated carbon block for the filtration of water and other aqueous solutions. KX maintains a standard product line of over 100 filters and components manufactured by a patented extrusion process and sold under the brand name-- MATRIKX. These filters are produced and finished in formulations designed to reduce a variety of contaminants from potable water, including lead, VOCs, TOCs, and chlorine, and are suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Standard products are available in over 50 different outside and inside dimensions and in lengths from 0.10" to 60".
        KX is the world's #1 OEM supplier of carbon block, offering a complete line of custom designed, exceptionally high-performing, value-priced filters and components. Creating and producing a new filter design at the rate of 1 every 20 days, KX has become a specialist in the design and development of filters aimed at meeting the precise requirements of OEMs, even when installed with preexisting designs or systems. Employing their patented extrusion technology, KX is able to achieve high volume rates of manufacture, without sacrificing either performance or quality. These capabilities extend beyond those of any other production method including molded block, powder activated carbon, or loose granular activated carbon. We invite you to learn more about their competitively priced MATRIKX filter components and carbon block cores that have become the benchmark of the water filtration industry.

Here are some spec. sheets on the Matrikx cartridges. [To view these, you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader software available free from Adobe Systems Incorporated. This software allows you to view, navigate and print PDF (Portable Document Format) files.]

General Information on Matrikx Extruded Carbon Filters (pdf file)

Matrikx +1 (pdf file)

Matrikx +5 (pdf file)

Matrikx +10/2 (pdf file)

Matrikx Ceramikx (pdf file)

Matrikx +CR1 (pdf file)

Matrikx +CTO/2 (pdf file)

Matrikx DPF (pdf file)

Matrikx +Pb1 (pdf file)

Matrikx PC2 (pdf file)

Matrikx Plekx 10 (pdf file)