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About Our Company

Our company history.
In 1970 Omnipure Filter Company revolutionized the filtration industry by making the first small, disposable, inline carbon filter. Our first filter, and every filter since, was designed to eliminate or reduce contaminants that cause unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in potable water. From this simple concept of "better tasting water", Omnipure Filter Company has grown and developed.
In the beginning, Omnipure filters were used primarily on water coolers and ice makers. As the market has developed, our products have found their way into many more applications including commercial beverage equipment, under the sink and on the counter residential units and drinking fountains. They are also widely used as components in commercial and residential purification systems such as reverse osmosis units. Today, you will find Omnipure filters utilized in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important.
Commitment to Excellence
Omnipure is committed to producing the world's best inline water filter. To that end, we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year on in-house testing, independent verification and quality control. For example:
  1. On a systematic basis, engineers, quality control experts, and production supervisors test and retest new and existing designs and materials to make sure that our products perform to specifications.
  2. Every filter design is submitted to NSF for independent verification of product performance. NSF conducts a battery of tests conforming to industry norms and standards.
  3. Samples from every phase of production are randomly collected for quality assurance evaluation. These samples are literally torn apart and tested in the Omnipure laboratory to ensure that they meet stringent guidelines.
These measures are just a few examples of the many steps we take to eliminate problems and ensure results.When an Omnipure filter reaches the end of the production line and is readied for shipment, you can be assured that the product will perform as promised. Our commitment to excellence and the Omnipure label are your guarantee.
Commitment to our customers.
We recognize that our success is dependent upon a solid relationship with our customers and want to assure every client of our resolve to provide support and assistance. One call to us and your company has access to an expert team of top-notch engineers, production supervisors, marketing professionals and sales professionals. Our staff stands ready to assist you in the design, distribution, marketing, and promotion of existing or custom produced products. Call us today and let us show you why Omnipure makes...
The Best Inline Water Filter in the World... Pure and Simple.

The Omnipure Production Complex

The Omnipure production complex is a state-of-the-art facility constructed and organized to implement the manufacturing techniques that make Omnipure products the finest in the world. The first phase, completed in 1990, greatly expanded production capability and brought our entire production line under one roof.
With the advances in our production line, we found it necessary to add our own on-site tool and die department. The capabilities of this department have enabled our engineers to develop, produce and test new concepts, components and working models for the next generation of Omnipure filters.
Included in the new building is a modern laboratory where the testing of new and current products is conducted. Highly sensitive equipment measures the strength of body designs as well as the filtration characteristics of various media. Through research and testing we are able to offer the most dependable products available in today's inline filtration market.
Phase Two of construction was completed in August of 1995. Virtually doubling production capacity, this phase was necessary to meet the growing demand for Omnipure products. While many facets of the production line remain unchanged, the expanded capacity has enabled us to cope with the increased volume represented by the two new filter bodies added to our family -- the K-Series and the B-Series.
The process of building and maintaining a truly modern production facility is an ongoing battle. We realize, however, that the success of our company is reliant upon our ability to manufacture the highest quality products possible and deliver them on time. With Phase Three of the Omnipure production complex already on the drawing boards, we are positioning ourselves to meet the needs of our customers for the next decade and into the 21st century.

Custom Label and Fill Programs

In an effort to better serve our customers, Omnipure offers comprehensive private label and custom fill programs. In circumstances where a company wishes to market under an exclusive, private label, our production experts can fabricate a custom filter, labeled and packaged to client specifications. Every design and engineering feature that has made our filters the premier product in the world can be incorporated into your own, custom designed, private label, line of filters.
For more information about our custom label and custom fill programs, contact our representative.


Omnipure Filter Company (Omnipure) warrants that the products delivered will be free from any defects in workmanship or materials. Further, the warranty provided herein applies, only when used within the product specifications and service life, from the date of installation, beyond which Omnipure is absolved of any and all liability for any use of the product. In the event of a defect or non-conformity, buyer shall promptly notify Omnipure in writing, supplying proof-of-purchase dates, installation dates, and will protect and retain the products for investigation, or Omnipure is absolved of any and all liability for any use of the product. There are no other warranties, either of merchantability or fitness, either expressed or implied.