Size (HP) Part No. Amps Hz. ROT Price

1/3 (Clamp on) 828 6.0 / 3.0 50 / 60 Ph: 1 CW Drive End Rev. $107
1/2 (Clamp on) 871 7.5 / 3.6 50 / 60 Ph: 1 CW Drive End Rev. $123
3/4 (Clamp on) 872 9.8 / 4.9 60 / 50 Ph: 1 CCW Lead End Rev. $135
1 (single phase, bolt on) 849 $288
1.5 (single phase, bolt on) 850 $
2 (single phase, bolt on) 851 $

Additional Information:
Revolutions per Minute (RPM): 1725
Volt: 120/240
Service Factor: 1.0
Thermal Protection: Auto
Insulation Class: B
Frame: 48
Mtg: Resilient
Encl: ODP
Brg: SAB/Sleeve
Shaft: Carbonator

INSULATION CLASS: Since there are various ambient temperature conditions a motor might see and different temperature ranges within which motors run and insulation is sensitive to temperature; motor insulation is classified by the temperature ranges at which it can operate for a sustained period of time.
There are four common classes:

Class AC Motor DC. Motor W/1.00 S.F.
Max. Total Temperature Range
(Including Ambient and Temperature
110 Hot Spot) Range
  DC Motor Total
Temperature Range
A 105C A 110 C
B 130C B 140 C
F 155C F 170 C
H 180C H 195 C

When a motor insulation class is labeled on the nameplate the total insulation system is capable of sustained operation at the above temperature.

SERVICE FACTOR: When used on a motor nameplate, a number which indicates how much above the nameplate rating a motor can be loaded without causing serious degradation, (i.e., a 1.15 S-F can produce 15% greater torque than the 1.0 S-F rating of the same motor).

THERMAL PROTECTOR (inherent): An inherent overheating protective device which is responsive to motor temperature and which, when properly applied to a motor, protects the motor against dangerous overheating due to overload or failure to start. This protection is available with either manual or automatic reset (i.e., when the motor cools, it will reset itself -- so no reset button is needed).

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