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The third digit of your pump number refers to the series.

Formerly Called
1500 Series
Brass, 3/8" NPT Ports
$  75.00
1600 Series
ST STL, 3/8" NPT Ports
2500 Series
Brass, 1/2" NPT Ports
2600 Series
ST STL, 1/2" NPT Ports
3600 Series
ST STL, 1" NPT Ports

* When ordering, please specify:
- whether you want a "clamp on" style or a "bolt on" style. (Series 6 only comes in "bolt on" style.)
- whether you want the pump with pressure relief or without it. And
- how many gallons per hour you want the pump to handle. (Remember to account for the waste water. For example, let's say you have a 4" x 40" membrane that produces 1,800 gpd. Since you need to waste at least 3,600 gpd, you need a pump that can handle at least 5,400 gpd or 225 gph.)

- Adaptor for 56c frame: This is a cone-shaped adaptor for use with a "bolt on" style motor and keeps the pump away from the motor and brings the bolts together. Our price is $25.
- Clamp: This clamp is for use with a "clamp on" style motor and connects the motor to the pump. Our price is $1.50.
- Coupling: This coupling (made by LoveJoy) is for use with a "bolt on" style motor and connects the shaft of the motor to the shaft of the pump. Our price is $19.

Procon Model Number Matrix

Pump/Motor Combination: CMP 7000

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