Price Lists (for Dealers and Distributors Only)

Bottling equipment and vending machines:     Information
Brackets:     Price List
Carbon (loose):     Information
Carbon Filters: See Filters
Chemical Feeders:     Information
Chemical Monitors:     Information
Complete Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems:     Information
Consultants:     Information
Coolers:     Information
Culligan -- Products for Culligan applications
Distillation equipment:     Information
Electronic equipment:     Information
    -- Ametek Carbon and Sediment Filters: see Pentek (below)
    -- Aquatrex    Product Description    Price List
    -- KX Industries Filters    Product Description    Price List
    -- Matrikx Filters    see KX Industries Filters
    -- Omnipure Post Filters    Product Description     Price List
    -- Plekx Carbon Filters    see KX Industries Filters
    -- Pentek Carbon and Sediment Filters    Product Description    Price List
    -- Plymouth Products Carbon and Sediment Filters: see Pentek (above)
    -- Purtrex Sediment Filters    Product Description    Price List
    -- Rainsoft Filters    Information
    -- USFilter Carbon and Sediment Filters: see Pentek (above)
    -- Jaco     Product Description     Price List
    -- JohnGuest     Product Description (pdf file)
Flowmeters:     Information
    -- Ametek filter housings: see Pentek (below)
    -- Membrane Housings: see Pressure Vessels (below)
    -- Pentek filter housings     Product Description     Price Lists
    -- Plymouth Products filter housings: see Pentek (above)
    -- USFilter filter housings: see Pentek (above)
    CTA membranes
    DESAL: see GE
    FilmTec     Product Description     Price List     Check on Inventory
    Fluid Systems: see Koch
    GE     Product Description     Price List    
    Hydranautics     Product Description     Price List    
    Osmonics: see GE
    Saehan CSM
Metering Injectors:     Information
    -- GE Carbonator Motors    Product Description
    -- Emerson (Nidec) Carbonator Motors:
            1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, and 3/4 HP:    Product Description    Price List
            1 HP, 1.5 HP, and 2 HP:    Product Description    Price List
    -- Marathon Carbonator Motors    Product Description    Price List
Parts:     Product Description     Price List
Ozone products:     Information
Pressure Vessels for Membranes
Pressurisers: Amtrol    Product Description     Price List
    Cat Pumps
    Aquatec Pumps
    -- Procon    Product Description    Price List     Normal Inventory
    Procon Can Motor Pumps
    Shurflo pumps
Resin:     Information
Tanks: Amtrol     Selection Guide     Comparison chart
    JohnGuest     Product Description     Price List
    Parker     Product Description     Price List
Ultraviolet Systems:
    Pentek    Product Description    Price List
    All other UV systems and parts
Valves, Solenoid:     Information
Vending Machines: see Bottling Equipment